DLS Installs HJS emission system

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DLS equips forklift with DPF

HJS Emission Technology

In our workshop we equipped a 12-tonne forklift truck with an exhaust gas after-treatment system. Thanks to this DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) system, the forklift truck can now also be used indoors.

The SMF AR system is ideally suited toward applications with deviating application profiles and frequently low exhaust gas temperatures. These low temperature applications are more commonly found on construction sites, on mobile machines and static equipment. The SMF AR System (Sintered Metal Filter with Active Regeneration) regenerates autonomously regardless of the exhaust gas temperature.

Area of application

The SMF® AR system is predominantly suited for off highway applications, but can also be applied to commercial vehicles and buses. It can also be used in combination with an SCR system for Nitrogen Dioxide reduction. This technology can also be used for static engines and railway or marine engines. HJS-SMF® AR system applications are available for both original equipment and for retrofitting.

Advantages of SMF AR

  • Reduction of soot and ultra-fine particles by more than 99%
  • Filter regeneration at low exhaust gas temperatures
  • Regeneration without using a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) enabling operation with high sulphur content fuel
  • Flexible adaptation to different machines and engine powers outputs
  • High ash storage capability ensures long service life
  • The modular assembly facilitates dismantling of the system for service
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