Service Technician

Service Technician

40 hours per week

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Service technicians:
We want to enhance our team with several service technicians, in both junior and senior positions.
The overall profile:
Position within the company: Accountable to the workshop manager.

Main and sub-tasks

The function is geared to the maintenance and repair of all common drive components of commercial vehicles and similar vehicles such as axles, transfer cases, PTOs, controls and, in particular, automatic transmissions (including making the vehicle delivery-ready, after-sales and troubleshooting). In addition to conventional vehicles using fossil fuels, more and more work will be done on electric vehicle drive systems, hydrogen vehicles and other new developments.
This position involves the technician switching regularly between different types of work.

Works according to the sequence of orders received. Listens to any customer complaints. A large part of the work is determined by the characteristics of the transmission model, known assembly requirements and the matching tools. The technician must be able to independently ascertain and execute the necessary work. Support is provided by the workshop manager. The technical problems are appropriate for the level of education.
Regular contact with colleagues should promote amicability and a good atmosphere.

Works under workshop conditions, with occasional noise and dirty work (oil and grease). Mainly standing work, sometimes in a tiring posture. Lifting is done with hoists and moving with pallet trucks and forklifts. This function involves a risk of injury when working on rotating, hot transmissions and / or engines. Accurate movement when installing and removing components.

Training and experience

The service technician’s knowledge must be equivalent in terms of content and level to an MBO diploma (technical training, preferably automotive engineering), and any relevant factory or supplier training, such as various transmission training courses and electronics training or experience as a company car mechanic.
VCA-B (or VCA-VOL) and a forklift certificate are required for execution of the work.
Command of the English language (verbal and written). Command of German and French is advantageous.
Basic knowledge of electronics and computers.

Personal characteristics

• You possess the ability to analyse (technical) problems.
• You are stress-resistant and flexible.
• You are independent and proactive.
• You are accurate.
• You are customer-oriented (tactful and commercial) and represent the interests of the employer.
• You have a hands-on mentality.


• Driver’s license B and preferably C.
Willingness to work overtime.
Willingness to perform service work on site and, where applicable, abroad.

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