Diagnostics & Telematics

Diagnostics & Telematics

Jaltest by COJALI

Jaltest is a product range from the Spanish Cojali Group, a multinational automotive company. The Jaltest product range consists of the newest modern technologies in multibrand vehicle diagnostics, predictive maintenance and repair, make-independent and easy to use.
DLS is distributor in the Netherlands and Turkey for the Jaltest products for vehicle diagnostics and vehicle information:
– Jaltest Diagnostics
– Jaltest Telematics

DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics

Jaltest Diagnostics

Jaltest Diagnostics is the brand independent solution for portable vehicle diagnoses. No matter what make or type of vehicle, the Jaltest Diagnostics systems are able to connect, gather vehicle data from systems and subsystems and make diagnoses about status, failures, maintenance needs and service indications.

The Jaltest Diagnostics system is equipped with all kinds of connectors and can also indicate the location of the OBD connector. The system has the possibility to interact with different systems in the vehicle and can also send instructions and orders to the vehicle. It is able to read all information, interpret this information, act on this information and faults and alarms can be reset. For instance, fans can be activated, cylinders can be switched off and compression can be tested.

DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics

Jaltest Telematics

The definitive fleet management solution

Cloud diagnostics

Jaltest Telematics is the only solution in the market offering MULTIBRAND and MULTI SYSTEMS CLOUD DIAGNOSTICS. It can run diagnostics on any brand of vehicle and on any on-board system of the vehicle. It also can check your compliance with the regulations for instance with remote tachograph download. For your information, the ODF-platform can generate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in a graphically and easy way. Knowing them will help evaluate control and improvement actions, which not only help you saving costs but also improve the performance, efficiency and sustainability.

DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics

Vehicle status

Diagnostic processes are launched automatically when the driver turns the ignition key on. Also, the fleet manager can configure a time interval to send a diagnostics request to the vehicle.

Jaltest Telematics introduces exclusively the concept of Cloud Diagnostics in real time. With this productrange, Jaltest contributes to the correct maintenance and problem prevention by errors reading in electronic systems installed in each vehicle.

Jaltest Telematics is the only solution in the market offering MULTIBRAND DIAGNOSTICS. This functionality is the doorway to a new concept oriented towards the repair and prevention of major breakdowns, where any user related to the repair and checking of vehicles can make decisions as soon as an anomaly is detected or even assess indicators of possible future breakdowns

The Jaltest Telematics solution obtains information directly from the vehicle and is based on the experience of Jaltest Diagnostics systems over decades of years and over a large population and type-range of vehicles.

The main benefits of Jaltest Telematics:

  • Cost control (for instance: fuel, breakdown times, inactivity times etc.)
  • Efficiency increase by detecting trends and performance levels
  • Breakdown time reduction by solving them as quickly as possible by remote diagnostics on the vehicle and preparing the necessary parts or repair tools by the time the vehicle enters the workshop
  • Predictive maintenance and preventing breakdowns by detecting them before they occur, anticipating to he problems and costs derived from them and always keeping the vehicle in optimal conditions to travel
  • TCO reduction by helping the fleet management to reduce the direct and indirect costs related to the vehicles.
DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics

The Jaltest Telematics approach and functionality is based on 4 different user groups:

  • Fleet manager
  • Driver
  • Workshop
  • Fleet customer

Each user-group is addressed with the relevant information gathered from the connected vehicles.

Fleet manager:

  • Alarms & reporting
  • Fleet management (location, alarms, messages, sensoring, reports, tachograph, workshop notifications, order management, fuel consumption)
  • Remote diagnostics & maintenance
  • Productivity decision making
  • Optimization (ROI)


  • SMS messaging
  • Driving performance data, like fuel consumption
  • Tachograph data
  • Quick vehicle health-check
  • Useful driving advices (Eco-driving)


  • Remote diagnostics & maintenance in real-time information from the cloud
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Technical data & trouble shooting by quick identification of the type of problem
  • Accurate breakdown detection
  • Requests to the workshop, selection of international to Jaltest connected workshops
  • Anticipation spare parts ready
  • Faster vehicle repair

Fleet customer:

  • Order status review
  • Vehicle location
  • Asset tracking
  • Supply chain
  • Breakdown time reduction
DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics


The solutions of Jaltest can be used in any automotive market with OBD connection. Specific markets with high availability of the vehicle and long and frequent transport movements can benefit from the advantages of Jaltest. Besides that, Jaltest offers great added value for fleetowners, like location reports, remote diagnostics, remote tachograph download, remote troubleshooting, maintenanceplanning and alarm-handling.

DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics

Technology of the Jaltest Telematics concept

The Jaltest Telematics concept exists of hardware and software.

  • T-VOD: Telematics Vehicle Onboard Diagnostics, connected to the OBD diagnostics socket of the vehicle
  • T-DOT: Telematics Diagnostics Onboard Trailer, connected to the trailer by means of GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, CAN-bus, RS-232, and K-line. It also enables the configuration of analogue and/or digital inputs to monitor specific indicators in the trailer. The unit has an internal battery to prevent data-loss and maintain the connection with the server when disconnecting the trailer.
DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics

Through the Jaltest Telematics ODF portal (Optimal Driving Fleet) it is possible to display information in real time at a moment’s notice, anywhere, from any PC of mobile device since the system is located on the cloud. Through a simple App, any driver, technician, fleet manager or client may access all these data and interact with them. And of course, entrance to information knows several safety levels for entrance.
The software of Jaltest can communicate with Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Transport Management Systems (TMS) and other software systems of customers.

DLS - Diagnostics & Telematics

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