Fresia F800 ARFF Chassis

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Fresia F800 ARFF Chassis

Equipped with a Meritor Cushman Power Divider and an Allison Transmission 4000-Series


F800 Chassis are available in 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 configurations and available with various wheelbases and widths thanks to Fresia’s wide variety of possible axles ranging from narrow 2.5m wide, which may also be suitable for Avio-Transportable units, up to 3.3m wide, which offer the best high speed stability in the market.

Fresia F800 chassis can be equipped with a wide variety of rear-mounted engines (or the possibility to install Twin-Engines) with up to 1,500Hp, all coupled to fully automatic transmissions supplied by Allison Transmission and PTOs or Power Dividers to run high-power pumps.

The F800 chassis has a low centre of gravity and its light construction permits ultra-high payloads maintaining low GVWs for excellent acceleration and handling. It is also perfectly suitable for the installation of HRETs.

The F800 chassis is available with a Fresia Cab or can be fitted with customer-supplied cabin.


Image 1 shows the F800 with a single engine and a power divider.

Image 2 shows the Fresia Twin Powerpack, equipped with 2x Allison Transmission 4000-Series.

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