Sustainability & Social Return

Sustainability & Social Return

Drive Line Systems is committed to contributing to a sustainable world. Hence our adoption of the “Trias Consummatio” principle, with which we strive to minimize our carbon footprint:

  • Minimize/prevent usage of energy and raw materials
  • Use renewable energy and organic, renewable materials (bio-plastics)
  • If fossil fuels or traditional raw materials are used, try to use as little as possible
The following actions have already been implemented:
  • Separate waste collection with environmentally friendly processing
  • Re-use of packing materials like cardboard and plastic from incoming goods in the process of shipping outgoing goods
  • Re-use and renewal/certification of good components that are found in the production process in our workshop
  • LED lighting in distribution, storage and workshop, equipped with daylight sensors and presence detection. Total CO2 reduction 12,330 kg/year by using LED
The following actions are planned for 2018/2019
  • LED lighting in offices
  • Use of solar panels (PV) on the roof of our building
In the field of Human Capital & Social Return we implemented:
  • An open and transparent culture with significant flexibility, personal freedom and independence
  • A future-fit employee policy, with lifecycle carrier development
  • A generation pact for older colleagues
  • Appointment of confidential advisors for employees
  • Implementation of student programs/traineeships geared to work experience
  • Localisation of jobs or retraining for people struggling in the employment market

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